Sunday, April 15, 2012

My treasures.

Wally Walnut

We got Wally outside of Walmart about eight years ago. He was in a box with two of his siblings. One looked ill, the other completely nuts. So we chose Wally. He was full of fleas and cost us $5 - and then some once we took him to the vets. Love him :) albeit he's been a moody teenager for a long time. Not as bad as one cat we used to have, Tommy Town Cat, who went for your throat as soon as you caught his eye, but definitely moody. I've noticed he's getting a bit heavier just recently but he's still a handsome fella ...

Worked on some jewelry yesterday for the first time in a while. I just made some simple earrings for the art festival coming up on the 28th. I have a lot of work ready but the earrings sell the most. J will be helping me at the festival - gammy leg an' all (love you Jules). I really appreciate it as taking the money is really hard for me and J has promised to beat any awkward customers to death with her walking stick. I have two friends that are so much better than me at selling my stuff. One day they will sell their stuff and I will help them - not taking the money, of course - just chatting with the people that step into the booth :)
What? That's hard work, right?

Been painting some more. (No, I haven't actually finished anything yet, but ... I've started a lot.) 

This ... 
is becoming this.

Which I'm not liking, but, there's always hope.

And, this ...

is a beginning that I think I'm liking. We'll see. 

sunday notes:
wanted to go to the woodlands art festival this weekend but the weather has been a bit yuck. i feel for the artists, especially as the wind has been strong. i lost a plate once when the wind blew it over, i wonder how it was for the potters yesterday. 

think i'll make some more jewelry today as the painting is beginning to worry me. read a nice quote this morning, however,

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek". - Joseph Cambell.

it was on facebook with this photograph.

made me feel good :)

maybe it doesn't matter if i'm not good at painting. it can still be my treasure ...

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