Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting on with it.

Here are the finished earrings. Still not completely happy with the corners but getting better.

And here is a second pair. 
This is how they looked after I'd taken them out of the liver of sulphur. I really liked the colours I was getting. There were some lovely deep blues and rusts in there, but, it just doesn't seem right to cover up the silver this way.

Here is a different shot of them. (Sorry, I'm just loving the instagram app. Give me a while to get over the initial wonder of it and I'll get back to taking photographs that actually show the correct colours ...)

So, not convinced I could leave the silver hidden, I polished them.

I've got a sheet of nickel somewhere which I used when I was first learning to solder and I might get that out and have a go with the different patinas on that. Thing is a lot of people are allergic to wearing nickel and so I haven't used it. Perhaps if the ear wires are silver it wont matter, but I always feel as if I'm cheating people if I don't use silver.

Oh the problems ...

I really like the red creek jasper and the photos don't really do it justice. Here's another pair of earrings where I used it.

I'm usually a green/blue person but this jasper is so warm. A beautiful landscape of a stone. I have a lot more of it. I just hope I can do it proud :)

thursday notes:
the, book, is getting good. we've had the murder (i think. not a hundred percent sure right now. i'll keep you posted). it's really fun to read as, although it's by p.d. james, she is writing it in the style of jane austin. i did see that it got some bad reviews on amazon, but, right now i'm enjoying it, so ... 
i had a hard time putting it down last night. i could have gone on but i have decided to heed dr. oz's advice and try to get to sleep at a decent hour. i don't watch dr. oz. i must have, at some time, just caught that one episode, or read it somewhere. considering that most mornings i seem to wake up more tired than when i go to bed, it sounds like it might be a good idea.

so i'm just going to finish up my cup of tea and then go see what damage i can do in the studio today.

oh, and one more thing ...

joshua boy, you're my favourite.

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  1. Love the square ones.... love all of them, but the silver is my favorite!
    Missing a picture?
    Have you ever melted down old silver jewelry?