Friday, March 16, 2012

Chain links (shortened version) and things to come.

I was thinking (always a problem) that my previous post on chain links was a bit too wordy, so here's a shortened version ...

10.5 mm links

Find the extended version here, but, be warned, there are lots of words, some configured in ways previously unknown to man. (Perhaps this is why I'll never be a famous author. Oh well...)
Disclaimer - see side bar.

A taste of things to come ...

Stay tuned.

friday notes:
p is fishing again. n was supposed to go with him, but, as usual, found it hard to get out of bed. s is leaving to go back to school this morning (b already left). and, to my constant amazement, i'm not worried about it. i love them but boy is it nice to get my life back ... also, the ones that are left eat my food without complaining. always a plus.


  1. I always like to see the creative process. Great post!

  2. Please show pictures of your pottery once it has been fired!

  3. I will, except with the pottery, for me, it's always touch and go. They might come out well, they probably wont :) Either that or I'm just too fussy. Thanks for looking Ellie, I hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Ok your images and tutorials are great but...I haven't laughed out loud like this in a long while just reading your words !
    Thank you