Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just in case you fancy setting up your own jewelry studio - and stuff like that.

I thought I would post some of my favourite tools from my jewelry bench. Well, it's not really a bench in the proper, jewelry bench, sense of the word, but three old tables I got from Ikea years and years ago. (Actually, they weren't old when I got them, but, you know what I mean).
I've just looked on their site and they don't seem to have the ones I have but Ikea is great for studio furniture as it's so cheap. Considering I've burnt holes in the tables and hammered marks in them, etc. etc. cheap is ideal. Some don't seem to be that sturdy, so you have to look out for that.

So on to my bench ...

There's a hammer, or two, and some files.

And, of course, there's the pliers.

The dapping block.

The disc cutter.

The table drill. I have a flex shaft, but I don't use it as much as this for drilling holes. Trouble is, it's getting a bit wobbly now and I have these visions of the drill bit snapping off and shooting into my head. I'll have to figure out how to tighten it before living on the edge starts getting a bit too nerve wracking.

And, my all time favourite, which I use all of the time, the dremel.

I have two, but someone in my house (I haven't found out who you are yet - but I will) has misplaced it. I like having two as I have one for the thin shaft holding thingy, and one for the fatter shaft holding thingy. (Yes, I'm that lazy that I can't be bothered to keep changing out that - whatever it's called. It's a little silver looking thing that sits inside the tool head and holds the bits in place.)
I would recommend getting the dremel over the flex shaft any day unless you don't have the table drill press. I think drilling holes with the dremel I have would be possible but maybe a bit awkward. I don't know as I haven't really tried it. I might have a go today just to see. In a pinch that could save my head from getting drilled. (Of course, I could always use the flex shaft, but that would be too easy ...)

This isn't everything you might need to make jewelry, and depending on what you want to make, it might be too much, but for basic silversmithing it's great.

There are some other items that I use that I don't have pictures of at the moment. Namely the saw, the torch, and the rolling mill, but you don't really need the torch if you only want to make cold connections, like rivets etc, and you can get away without using the saw if you really want to although it can be a waste of metal.

So, there you have it. Exciting eh. I love walking into my studio. On those days that I feel as though I can't be bothered to do anything it always surprises me how different I feel as soon as I open the door. It's like it's a completely different world in there.

wednesday notes:
time to get up and start moving. b's little cat, jack, is visiting with us over spring break and is disrupting the whole household. pickles hates her, wally tolerates her, and spencer completely ignores her. jack, on the other hand, lies in wait and pounces them all. willow hasn't come face to face with her yet. i can only think this is a good thing ...
i'm going into town today and when i get back b will have gone, p and s will be fishing and so n and i will be left to get up to as much mischief as we can in the studio. can't wait.


i'll leave you with a pic of a sleeping jack. (no, she's not dead, she just has this weird ability to sleep as though she's fallen and broken her back.)


  1. I am completely jealous of your tools!!! Crafter's envy! LOL

  2. I love looking into other people's studios! It's interesting how different your jewelry-making tools are from mine. Granted, I don't do any silversmithing, so that's probably most of what I'm seeing here. :-)

  3. I know! I love studio peaks and seeing how other people 'do' it lol

  4. Dremel makes a universal collet so there is not even a need to change it. It is also finger tightened!