Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me :)

I wanted to show you what I just bought myself for my birthday :)

It had my name written all over it. It's from Jenny Mendes and you can find her pottery here.

He is going to sit with this guy,

OMG, I hear you say, there's a perfect match if ever I saw one! 

But he is not made by the same potter. Tammy Marinuzzi made this one, and you can find her work here. Don't despair, she's not got a lot listed at the moment, so look at her sold stuff and check out how fun they are. When I enquired she told me she was making some more pots and will be putting them up for sale soon.

I also bought this one from her a few months ago.

I think he is my all time favourite but I'm looking forward to checking out my new one in the flesh as he just might have a contender :)

I think they will all go great together - keeping an eye on me from the mantlepiece ...

saturday notes:
p is arriving back from london this afternoon so i'm looking forward to that. i'm going out to the studio now to make some more jewelry before going to pick him up at the airport. had a good day out there yesterday with e. we ate lunch and made stuff until the biggest storm we've had in a long while passed through. i came back into the house to mucky toilets and baths and, the worse thing, standing, dirty water in the bottom of the shower. it wasn't sewage, thank goodness, and it cleaned up really easily, except the shower, which wouldn't drain. i was just about to call the water people when it cleared up all by itself! yeah to the people in charge, and it's been fine ever since. you really don't appreciate working toilets until you don't have them ...

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