Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Willow, before and after ...

We took Willow to be groomed.

Or rather, she took herself.

There's always a battle over who get's to be in charge.

And, here she is, in all her glory,

bless her heart :)

It's o.k. this way she gets to be inside more. 
With all of her hair, and her love of stinky, muddy, water ditches and lakes, she smells most of the time - and not in that nice doggy way. So, at the small cost of all her hair, she gets the best of both worlds; long runs in the puddles and mud, and a cozy spot in the house - with the t.v. control no less! Oh the power.

I actually prefer her like this. She's cute for a little while once it starts growing back in but then it all goes haywire and she looks like a big, overweight dirt ball. Not a nice look. We are always surprised at how lean and healthy she looks when she's been shaved. I must admit I miss her little top wad of hair but it's all good.

The plate is finished!

I'm not sure if I put too much black on it but I'm happy for it to go into the kiln, hopefully this weekend.
I'm interested to see how it comes out. If it's o.k. I think I'm going to go ahead and make a few more.

wednesday notes:
seems like it's been a long day. i feel tired and cold although it's 75º outside. n's made me a cup of tea and i'm thinking about just sitting here and reading my book. first i think i might list a few things on etsy, i'm always putting that off. 
tonight is american idol. i have four favourites now. joshua ledet is still up there. he is now joined by jeremy rosado, elise testone, and erika van pelt. as i was looking i realised i'd forgotton jessica sanchez. so, at least that narrows it down to five. let's see if that changes after tonight.
i must say that listening to these guys sing last week kind of put a kink in my confidence for auditioning next year. oh well ... 

now on etsy 


  1. Oh my goodness! She doesn't look like the same dog! I wish it looked like I had lost 20 lbs when I got a hair cut like she did. Adorable!

  2. i know :) i must admit it was a nice picture of her head before she was shaved. but, now she gets to play in the dirt that she loves so much :) good thing about hair is that it always grows back ...