Saturday, March 3, 2012

Plate Update and New Jewelry.

I've been slowly, but surely, glazing a plate in between making this kind of stuff,

And, this,

I feel the need to make more jewelry as I'm hoping to get into the art festival that's coming up next month, but, I really am enjoying the pottery right now.

This is how the plate started,

(Of course, I forgot to take the pic before I started painting.)
This is after the first coat.

And, this is after the second coat,

Now, all it needs is a third coat, but it will have to wait now until after we take P to the airport.

saturday notes:
will miss p while he's in england, but he will see his mum and brother - and my dad, which is good.
i have signed up for stephanie levy's creative courage course. it's a seven week course and i think it will be fun if n will do it with me. i'm hoping it will help me to take my crafts a little more seriously and push me to take more risks.
finally! i finished the hunger games trilogy. yeah. now onto murder and mayhem ...


  1. your work is beautiful. I love the plate... it looks like it should me n a house in Tuscany!

  2. thanks sarah. i've finally finished it and will fire it along with the others some time next week. then we'll see ... not holding my breath.

  3. Wonderful plate, love the color you chose!

  4. thanks ollina, it will hopefully come out in these colours when it's fired. but i'm not too sure if i remembered the glazes i used, so i'll have to wait and see. it's always a surprise when i open the kiln as i'm not that organized :)