Monday, April 2, 2012

Bummer Monday.

A little better, but not that much.

Really getting fed up with the whole poached egg thing (see here). I wouldn't mind, I don't have them very often, but when I do, I would like my yolk runny. Is it too much to ask? Not the white bit, that is an absolute no go for me, but the yolk ... Look at it. It looks like it wants to be runny. It's so close. 
There's no two ways about it, dad is going to have to come (yep, all the way from England) to make me poached eggs on toast.

At least the tea is good.

(Actually, the egg picture is making me feel a little sick right now. I might have to post and run.)

Really, today is an all round fed up day to be honest. Mum died a year ago today. So, I've had a chat, and a little cry, with dad, got bummed out with the eggs, and now I have a headache and feel sick. 

So, here are some flowers to cheer me up.

And some onions, just in case I need a crying disguise.

I might make myself another cup of tea to aid with the cheering. You know those English and their tea.

monday notes:
saw, the girl with the dragon tatoo, last night. enjoyable enough but those people don't get enough sun. of course, daniel craig is always good to look at. 
ate a great soup, although it was really, really spicy.

i think it was because we used the left over chicken from the chicken and black bean burritos we had the night before which was already spiced up. i didn't put the sour cream in the soup though. that just doesn't look right to me.

so, i'm off to be happy now. 

with my tea ...


  1. Those eggs look perfect to me! Mmmm yummy

  2. I don't think I can get poached eggs to look that good - damn now you've made me hungry!

  3. Saw the Swedish version of the movie. I'd like to see the American version and compare.
    Runny poached eggs; it's all in the timing! :-)
    Love the tulips!!! Very cheery!
    Sorry about your mum. Hope your dad is doing all right. Did the year go by fast for you?
    Enjoy your Tuesday...

  4. Jules, I'll come and make you eggs any time. They wont be runny though :)

  5. Ellen, I know. But it's like toast. Not done, not done, not done ... BURNT! Guess my timing sucks.