Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Houses and Earrings and Tomatoes, oh my...

The houses look as though they're saying,

'can you hear the storm coming?'. They look so worried that they make me smile. Don't know if it's finished yet.

I made some earrings.

Which I like but am wondering if they're not a little too long.

N assures me that people like long, which makes me laugh as she only wears tiny little things. 

And, remarkably, the tomatoes are looking healthy. I even see a flower or two when I look real close.

I thought the raised boxes were pulling my leg when they said they were self watering, but, so far so good. 

(You can see I have planted lots of extra seeds for back up, just in case. You could say that I have no faith but I promise I am trying to work on the positive thing. The seed back up would beg to differ, however. I guess it all comes down to trust.)

wednesday notes:
watched a funny movie on t.v. last night. burke and hare. simon pegg is fast becoming one of those actors that i will pretty much watch whatever he's in. 
Can't do any work today. Off downtown this morning and then i'm going to take lunch to j and spend some time catching up on how her knee is doing. every time i think of her my knees ache. not a good way to be reminded of someone. then i'm meeting up with our bead group later. only tonight we're dying scarves. similar, i know ...


  1. Your title pulled me right in. Who can resist houses and tomatoes. I really like the colors and textures in the first pair of earrings. TFS!

  2. Loving the painting!!
    Liking the first pair of earrings!!!
    Good luck with your tomatoes. If you have a bunch of tomatoes coming in, make tomato sauce! ;-)
    Or give them away!!! Yum!!

  3. Why can't I just eat them! All. ;)