Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh No!

These are definitely my, 'oh no!' paintings.

The houses all look so shocked.
(Don't like the second one so much. It's a little too twee, although i'm loving the trees and the wind.)

friday notes:
p and n were going fishing today. n actually got up at 5:30, which is definitely a 'wow!' for her. so they're all ready for the 4 hour drive to the favourite spot (you heard it, four hours!!!) and the car broke down. poor n. up for nothing ...
so, it's another friday, (funny how they keep coming around), and i'm off out to the studio. i don't know what n will do, or p come to that. i feel a little sorry for them actually. all that excitement (well for p anyway) and then, nothing :(

i will leave you with a pic of j's knee.

it will be a small pic, just in case it's too much for you.

be warned, it's definitely an ouch pic.

it's for sure a, thank heavens it's not me, pic.

and a, who on earth came up with the idea that stapling your body together was right way to go, pic. I mean metal staples, come on!

And they make her bend it.
That's just not right ...

Warning, don't click on the picture because it will become huge and completely freaky ... 

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