Monday, April 16, 2012

Of herbs and murder - oh, and jewelry ...

A few new things.

monday notes:
lots of rain today. can't say we didn't need it but my herbs are probably all crushed now. i haven't had the heart to look yet.
there's something that scuttles quickly away each time i go over to check them out. it's too round to be a gecko, and too fast to be a frog, but as i've never really caught a good look at it i'm really not sure. i'm wondering if it's not a mouse or something. of course, now i'm after finding it, i haven't seen it again. the search is on.

i can't say i'm enjoying, the book, as much as i have her other ones. it's not so much the murder as it's the doctor. it's so depressing. i forget each time but the illnesses that the detective's sister has to deal with in each book is seriously beginning to affect my health ...
just when i recover from the possibility of getting one of the diseases she writes about, i pick up her next book and start to worry all over again about the next disease. motor neuron disease this time. i hadn't even considered it, and believe me, i've considered a lot (did i mention the hypochondria thing?) that, and the added subject of euthanasia and dementia, is really bringing me down. good job i've nearly finished it. i'm telling you, the murder part of the story is positively uplifting compared to the illnesses.

note to self: hypochondriacs should avoid medical fiction at all cost ...

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