Monday, April 9, 2012

Houses, birds and punishment.

I am loving these.

And, I'd like to visit Finland. Coincidence ... (that was said in my best Eddie Izzard voice.)

Which one should I pick? I love the flower plate with the tiny house sitting right on the edge. And I love the bird in the top photograph. The little blue houses remind me of the houses in my paintings.
You can find all of her stuff, here.
BTW 'her' name is Szilvia Vihriala (sorry, don't know how to type the accents on top of the 'a's' - i've only just learnt how to do the degree symbol, remember - so i've probably mispronounced her name and it means something totally different.) As I mentioned, Szilvia does live in Finland but she is originally from Hungary. Go check out her work, and, her blog.

And here's what I'm up to. Still nothing finished, but I'm holding myself accountable by posting them. I think ...

This one is coming along, but, is it really want I want?

I'm enjoying this one and will probably be working on it today. The little gate house at the back looks a little shocked. Might have to change that.

And, this one. Well, it just is 'this one' right now. Half started and not sure where it wants to go, if anywhere.

monday notes:
off to the art store now for some blending sticks. then, i promised myself a tread mill moment (still can't believe i committed myself to the boredom.) yesterday i told myself that i could only watch my jewelry making dvd's on the treadmill. it's like punishment and joy rolled into one. now, i can only become a better jeweler the thiner i get. 

and, hopefully, i wont be so bored.


  1. you've inspired me to exercise today! Thanks! btw - great work!

  2. lol you've just re motivated me also. i just got back from the art store and was beginning to lose steam ...

  3. Love the progress! And, I'm with you in spirit on the treadmill!!! BTW, I can't choose between the art pieces of Szilvia Vihriala - they each have their own personality! Love the birds...houses...and the lamb is really cute!

  4. i know. i like the little houses.
    i'm just going up now to walk. i'm on the third part of setting stones. i've watched the bezel materials, stone types and storage bit, so it's just getting interesting now.
    hope your knee is o.k. let me know about having the stitches out.