Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In the evenings, I knit.

Well, at the moment I do. 
Sometimes I sketch, sometimes I quilt, on rare occasions I cross stitch. It comes in waves.
I find it hard to just sit in the evening, unless I really want to concentrate on what's going on on the t.v., then it can get a bit annoying for the others living here as i'm constantly asking questions or getting them to rewind. (I love that rewind thing. I had no idea for the longest time that the t.v. could do that. Definitely a wow moment when I found that out.)

So, I have this book.

(I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby. Can't go there too often. It's a little dangerous.)

And I'm making a blanket. Well, two blankets actually, as there's also this one.

This one is just a regular knit stitch. But, this one,

is my, let's experiment with all the stitches in the world, blanket. Which is where the book comes in.

I've been knitting them since Christmas because I only pick them up now and then. The 400 stitches one, however, is having a bit of a run at the moment.

I get thrilled when I do a stitch that I haven't done before, or thought would be too hard. (Some of those abbreviations are like, 'what!'.)

Here's my latest strip.

The brown one was my, 'what!' stitch. Easy for some, not so much for others. We can't all be good at everything.

Now, I confess, I do have three different thicknesses of wool going on here because, when I want to start something, I want to start it, now. A problem if you haven't got all the stuff you need and the shops are shut and so you have to make do with what you have. (That would explain the colours also. Although I'm liking them the more I go on.) So I've decided I don't care that the tensions are all over the place. I will give it to S when I am done and because he is my son he will love it. Or else.

tuesday notes:
signed up for stephanie levy's creative courage course last month and forgot all about it until this morning. it started yesterday.

i joined because I need something else to do :)
no, actually, i think it will be very good for me. the majority of my problems making art stem from fear and perfectionism. i really hope this course can help me with that. i'm also working on a, wannado, list, which will help me with my goals. i'll keep you posted ...
you can find stephanie's blog, along with info about her creative courage course - here.

i finished my book a couple of days ago and am now reading this.

already loving it, except, the problem with this series is that the main character's sister is a doctor and i tend to end up with all the diseases ...

time for another cup of tea.


  1. Thanks for an enjoyable post. What fun you must be having trying all the new stitches. I got a similar book for crochet, but haven't really tried anything new yet. I am crocheting a never-ending blanket (at least it seems that way). I am giving it to my son, but so far he doesn't seem very appreciative. Maybe if I jazzed it up with some unexpected stitches?

  2. i have the crochet one also, but it seems harder to me. maybe next time :)