Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Wannado's

As I mentioned in my previous post I am making a wannado list.
So, with no further ado, and, in no particular order ... here it is.

• Make a book - see here.

• Make a calendar for 2013 with paintings or illustrations, etc.

• Learn how to use my super duper epson printer so that I can make and sell prints.

• Finish the book - that I started more than twenty years ago! I have two, actually, but the other one is a, oh my, what were you thinking book. Problem is I tend to write the way I talk, in that, what on earth has she got going on in her brain, way. Not always the best way to go, grammar wise or anything else wise really ... but, I enjoy it. I probably enjoy writing more than anything else I do, even though I'm not particularly good at it. I sit at the computer and laugh my way through all the happenings and dialogues as I type, (no, it's not a drama). I love that I don't know where I'm going with it and that it's always a surprise for me. Sometimes I get thrown by something one of the character's does, then I have to swear (mildly) and spend ages trying to figure it all out, because the perfectionist in me has to have all the ends tied up so that it makes sense. But, that's all part of the excitement.
So, we're not talking publishing here people, I'm just going to finish it, by golly.

• Write another, shorter, story and illustrate it - I wrote a children's poem once and started to illustrate it. So I would like to have another go at that.

• Try to sell some of my paintings - BIG challenge for me.

• Make $10,000 for charity - now, this might take a while. I was going to say, in one year, but maybe I should keep it real. Too much pressure isn't good for me. Although, I did make over $5,000 last year without really putting myself out that much, so, maybe it is possible. (Where's your faith girl!)

• Perfect my jewelry - I want to make the best jewelry I can and not settle for second best. I'm not there yet, but I will be. Three words I really don't like are, 'it will do', so I am scrubbing them out of my vocabulary. 

• Make a ring.

• Make a quilt pattern with one of my designs - trying to publish a quilt pattern might be in another wannado list. Bit scary right now.

• Send an application to the Houston Quilt Festival to enter one of my quilts - this will be a, lots of effort required as well as photography skills, thing. Also, very scary. This one makes my finger want to hover over the delete button. But, it stays ...

• Make a small quilt picture type thing.

• Make a print - lino, wood cut, anything will do.

• Reach 100 facebook peeps.

• Find 100 blog followers.

• Make interesting tweets - because, so far, they've been really boring.

• Ditto with facebook.

• Consistent and interesting blogging - so far my blogging intentions have been purely for self motivation and facing my fears. I think it's working.

• Read a book a month - at least.

• Don't let my hair get too long as it makes me look 50 years older, and boring.

• Lose 25lb's - this will be documented in 5lb increments, otherwise I might as well just give up now.

• Smile and laugh - a lot.

Oh, and today, clean the bathroom ...

Some of the things on this list will be on going, as in the smiling and laughing one, but, I am going to repost just the list and put it in the side bar - under, Wannado, (surprise title I know), and work on ticking them off one by one. Again, not really in any particular order and not really under any deadline, so long as it's not ten years or something. Some of them will be hard for me, the negative thoughts are already creeping in, but I will keep them there, just to see.

So, that's what I wannado.

What do you wannado?

Mug from Stepanka - here.


  1. What a great list! That losing weight thing is a tough one (at least for me!).

  2. Best of luck on your list. And thanks for the well wishes!

  3. Great list! I wish you lots of courage and optimism to make it true as soon as possible.

    And I love your taste for mugs :)