Sunday, April 8, 2012


So, progression so far.

We're going to have to see. So far it's not completely clicking for me. I like the unfinished look of the third one, but don't know how to keep that unfinished look without it just looking, well, unfinished. If you know what I mean.

sunday notes:
it was a glorious day here yesterday so i sat outside with my lunch and read some more of my book. i could live here year round if the weather stayed like this. as it is, i have to live here year round anyway.
the post lady brought some jewelry making dvd's that i'd ordered, so today is going to be a challenge. do i: watch the videos, finish my book, continue painting, or do something worthwhile, like housework. ew ... tough one. somehow i think the housework will lose.


  1. I've had such fun browsing through your blog this morning. Your paintings are wonderful.

    My condolences on the death of your mother last year.

  2. :) i've been enjoying your blog also. hope you're having a good weekend.