Sunday, March 25, 2012

Coming soon.

I just listed this on my Etsy site

I was really pleased with the way it came out. It's the first time I went all out and used tons of silver. 

During this week I will also be listing this,

and some of these,

and I will continue to work on these,

sunday notes:
this afternoon, n and i planted tomatoes, jalapenos and herbs. i can't wait to see if they make it. i'm not tremendously good at watering. texas weather beats me. i grew all sorts of veg at home, in england, but here, i can barely make it out to the garden without wilting. i have promised myself, and the veg, that i will make an effort, however. also, i am going to talk with the gardener about putting a couple of those tiny hoses off the sprinkler system in the boxes. actually, we wont really be talking as he doesn't speak a word of english, and i don't speak spanish, so there will be lots of hand signals and facial gestures. we will both come away thinking the other understood what was 'said', the results of which can be quite exciting ...


  1. I love the way the wire is wrapped in those last two photos!

    And good luck to your vegetables and herbs! I've been thinking about getting some pots to grow things on the patio- love the idea of growing jalapenos!

  2. thanks holly, i'm going to check on them right now and give them a little love :)