Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday morning.

I'm up and ready with all good intentions today.
Jewelry I think, although the painting has a pretty strong call right about now.
First I am going to check on my babies, i.e. the herbs, although I'm pretty sure they're going to look exactly as they did yesterday evening when I last looked in on them.
So, I'm feeling pretty good. It's a glorious day. Going to be a high of 83º today. (O.K. here's something. This is my second Mac, I've been using one since forever, and I just found out how to type the degree symbol! Cool and not cool all at the same time.)

This week I am going to try to list something on Etsy every day. I figured if I list something everyday for a year that will be about $73 (well, not about, exactly actually. I used a calculator ...). It costs me $150 for the art festival I do which is for one day, so I think $73 for a whole year is an o.k. investment when it comes down to it. I might just list on weekdays, however. I don't want to flood the market ...

Here's what I listed today.

A beautiful pair of sterling silver and opal earrings, for your delight. If you so wish, you can find them here.

I will leave you with a few pages from my sketch book. 

I'm thinking quilts maybe. Don't really know at this point.

monday notes:
i'm reading.

poor gamache, i think i love him. (that's kind of sad, though, as he doesn't exist). i also love inspector serrailler in susan hill's books. except he's blonde, and i don't really go for blondes. but he is an artist, that's a plus. he reminds me of inspector dalgliesh in p.d.james' novels. i liked him more. he was a poet. there's something about poets ...
o.k. off to the studio.

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