Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a note.

thursday notes:
took lunch to j in hospital this afternoon. knee replacement. impressive scar. ouch. i've decided i'm going to exercise my knees now because that's pretty intense stuff, right there. 
my knees are aching as i type. (don't think i ever mentioned here that i'm a bit of a hypochondriac ... )
came home and had to rest.

i got a new phone as ours broke. actually it turned out that the phone was fine, it was the line that was broken, but our phone was really, really old so i got a new one under the pretense/delusion that it was broken. 
yes, i lied to myself, but, now i have a new phone. 
there's a woman, on the phone, that tries to tell us who is calling. scared the @#%!^&* out of us when she first did it. who knew phones did that? annoying thing is we can't understand a word she says. when it's a toll free call, she thinks joe is calling. we don't even know a joe.
i'm going to have to read the booklet now and figure out how to turn her off. it's driving us nuts.

i will leave you with a photo of my babies.

they might not look much to you, but it's been five days now, and they are still alive ...

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