Saturday, March 31, 2012

To paint or not to paint, that is the question.

Definitely a painting day today.

I'm thinking I prefer the collage, which is the second photograph.
I love the little man in the boat, riding the waves :)
He looks so serious in the collage. Wonder where's he's headed to.
Maybe, he's just trying to remain calm. It looks a bit bumpy out there.

I want to finish these,

Or, I might get the pastels out.

But, I think the other people in the house want to go to the cinema today. So, I'll have to see. If something happens in the middle of the day, (and the cinema will be), it tends to throw me for a loop, as I'm a get in there and stay in there kind of worker. I can't seem to manage if something else has to happen inbetween. Weird I know, but just trying to tell it as it is.

saturday notes:
saw the hunger games yesterday with n. i enjoyed it. i went in with low expectations and came out pleasantly surprised. i always try for the low expectations trick so that i'm not disappointed. sometimes it doesn't work as i get too excited without even knowing it, bummer. 
afterward, we picked up spencer's thyroid medicine. what can i say, the cat has one eye, we have to look after him somehow. 

Here's a picture of his paw, (I'll lead you in gently to the eye ...)

he has beautiful paws.

and, now for the head shot. He's turned his good side for you ... and giving the sneaky, i might just have one eye, but i know how to use it, look.
bless his heart. he's pretty old now and must be wondering what else we're going to take away from him.

love you spence. you're our hero ...

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