Thursday, March 22, 2012


I began a painting.

Strange for me but I'm really into these drab colours at the moment.

Then, when I started to get worried about the painting, (oh, and I needed a cup of tea), I stopped painting and took some photographs of some older pots, just in case I decide to put them on Etsy.

Not sure if the outside photographs are as good as the inside ones though. (Or vise versa).

The outside ones seem a little washed out and the inside ones seem a little drab (and not in the good painting way).

I've always had trouble photographing the pottery. I seem to be o.k with the jewelry, I don't know, but I never can get a good pic with the ceramics. 
I did get a little tent thingy for Christmas, and a sweet little baby tripod for my camera, and a light. I tried it all but the photo's of my jewelry were even worse than the ones I take now. (o.k. I only tried the tent once, sorry Santa. Maybe I should get it out again and stop whining.) At this point, however, I think I would rather blame the camera. It's not that old but all the other people in my family have bigger, better cameras than I do, so that must be the cause of my boring photographs. Right?

This is a small dish.

This is a paper weight.

A shallow dish.

And a large bowl.

I think perhaps I'll have to come up with more interesting labels for Etsy however :)

thursday notes:
if i don't get my hair cut tomorrow, nobody is going to recognise me. i went two weeks ago and she was sick. i've not quite managed to get back there since. to be honest, i just can't seem to tear myself away from the studio, but, it's not good when you have short hair that seems to grow at twice the speed of everybody else's hair. that's one of the, 'not fair', moments in life, unless, of course, you're bald. then i'm sorry ...

friday update: 
i think i'm going to go with the outdoor photographs. maybe because i'm going to get my hair cut now, which always makes me feel happier afterwards, and, in the light of a new day, they don't seem to be that boring after all.
also, i think yesterday i had a mild case of camera envy ...

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