Tuesday, May 1, 2012

paintings, guardian angels and the evil cat.

This is still on my table.

I worked on it some more yesterday and changed the sky to red. I like the red but think I prefer the original colour now that I'm looking at the photograph.

I just don't know if I like it. It seems so boring and childish. 
I like the instagram photo of it though :)I'm thinking that perhaps instagram makes everything look better.

So I got disheartened with this one and went back to this one.

I like the sky and the church seems to be coming along. But I'm just not happy with anything at the moment.
I'm going back in there today. I'm determined to persevere with it.

tuesday notes:
time for another hair cut but i just can't be bothered with it. got to get out of the funk.
i put a guardian angel by the tomatoes. they don't seem to need it as they are doing so well, but, just in case.

actually in this shot he is standing more by the jalapenos. the tomatoes are in the back.
he looks really worried, like - please, no, don't leave me here, what if something happens, - kind of thing. but, you know, someone has to do the job. i'll pay him extra.

and i will leave you with another wally pic as i love him so much ... :)

i know he looks evil here but that's just because he is a little evil. maybe that's why i like him so much. 
i have to say he's my favourite. don't tell spencer and pickles ...


  1. my special cat, Jasper - we call him *hole, as he is one with a capital "A". but like you feel for your evil cat, he is so dear to me - we have a special bond. i have had him since he was 5 weeks.

    love the paintings - all of them. Nice!

  2. Ha! I was thinking, "Those don't look like tomatoes." Maybe your angel is afraid of the spicy peppers!

  3. i thought i replied to you posy. must be lost in cyber space somewhere.