Thursday, May 3, 2012

funky turquoise

This is a little funky. It reminds me a little of co-joined twins. In a bit of a creepy way. Or two turquoise stones trying to get away from each other. Perhaps that's a better way to describe it. See the little prongs pushing each other away in the face. Aggressive turquoise, now that's a thought.

But I'm interested in where this design style might go.

There's something about it that I really like yet feel that any jewelry maker out there will be thinking. OMG what on earth did she think she was doing there! I don't usually colour outside the lines, but, you know, I think I might just start doing that a lot more.

thursday notes:
feeling a little nervous for the guardian angel.

i've even begun to feel sorry for him being out there all alone at night. He's in the creepy end of the garden. He looks so forlorn, in that - yoohoo, it's me, over here, hello, couldn't you at least set me straight?! - kind of way.
Maybe I should hire a little helper to keep him company ...

oh, and by the way.