Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Festival and New Stones.

We had a good day on Saturday at the Market Street Art Festival in the Woodlands.
I feel like such a wimp, however, as it took me the whole of yesterday to recover. There's just something about getting older isn't there? I hurt all over and had to lay on the sofa complaining all day about how tired I was. I was almost too tired to finish my glass of wine. Almost ...
We had good weather and good company and I made just over $1000 to give to charity. I haven't decided yet. It's between Save the Children, Care or Oxfam at the moment. 

I was happy to sell this.

It was so nice to see it appreciated and it gave me a lot more confidence about making larger pieces. P had said it was too big and that he didn't like it so I was feeling a little unsure about it. The lady who bought it was very nice and very complimentary of the setting, but, the stone is beautiful isn't it? It's Australian Crazy Lace Agate.

I was also pleased to sell this one.

I finished it the night before and really liked it. It sold just before we started packing up for the day and the woman seemed very happy with it. The stone is Mushroom Jasper from Arizona. Really nice.

So, I have ordered some more stones from a shop called Fabby Dabby Stones. They are coming from Norway so they take a while.

These are the ones I've ordered.

This is African Green Opal.

Rutilated Quartz.

Mexican Crazy Lace Agate.

And finally another Agate.

I really like the opal and crazy lace agate. 
I have another opal which is mulling around my head right now. The stones tend to stay up there a while before I finally settle into making something with them. 

This one is another African Green Opal. It's 30 x 30 mm in diameter and is just beautiful.

I want to share this wonderful painting by Lea Colie Wight.

You can find her website, here.

And these fantastic portraits by Cayce Zavaglia, all done with thread.

These are incredible. Her website is, here.

monday notes:
well, it's lunchtime already and i haven't done anything yet except surf the internet. great inspiration, but ... must get on.
i really think that i'd like to have a go at trying to sell some paintings at the next art festival. i'm almost getting to the point where i could chance it. now i just have to finish one :)
looking at the work above, however, makes me want to throw up my hands. they are just fabulous.


  1. The jewelry pieces and the stones are all lovely!

  2. Thanks
    I can't wait to get the stones :)