Thursday, April 26, 2012

A sad day at the office.

I finished up a lot of stuff yesterday for the art festival on Saturday. Putting chains on pieces, etc. I always tend to put off that bit. Maybe because it's the same problem I have with ever completing something I've made - ie. the paintings etc. I'm always worried I'm going to get it wrong. The length of the chain, for example.
I'm beginning to see that I get worried about anything to do with selling the work I do. I really just like making it and I wish I could just stay in the bubble that is my studio and not be bothered about all that other part. At some point I just seem to go into a decline. I think finishing anything, including selling my stuff, makes me anxious and I've learned that when I get anxious I turn into a lethargic blob.

This morning I am a lethargic blob. 

I feel low and pretty sorry for myself. The world is not shiny and I want to cry :( but if I tell you that, this post will be boring and depressing and I have promised myself to smile and laugh - see my wannado list).

So, here's the plan.

I am going to eat a good breakfast. An omelet I think, as I've been reading that those are good for you as a breakfast instead of the sugars in cereal and toast etc. (I'm not going to poach my eggs as that will make me more depressed, see here). Then I am going to walk on the treadmill. Lexi Erickson is calling me to see what will happen next in her jewelry d.v.d. (I've just finished watching the bit about files on her hand finishing one).

Then I'm going out to the studio. 

At some point I'm going to have to come back in and finish pricing.
Here is a pic of preparing for Saturday.

And here is another pic of Wally. 
Sleeping as usual ...

thursday notes:
sad day yesterday. a bird brained itself on my studio window. sometimes when this happens they just knock themselves out for a while, but this one smashed into the window pretty hard. i kept an eye on him but he never recovered :(
he was beautiful.

so this just about sums up my mood.

you'd better run from this post before you're dragged into the pit with me ...

(did i ever mention i was a drama queen?)


  1. Hope you make lots of money for "save the children!"

  2. i plan to make one billion dollars - mwahahaha
    (dr evil)

  3. I'm excited about the sale possibilities for you! Your work is beautiful and those who own pieces can't wait to own more. Your pottery is lovely and while I understand your worry, I know you will have a great day....I'm going to be there with you so how bad could it be?.....never mind, don't answer that!