Sunday, November 13, 2011

The quilt I made for Nikki.

I made this quilt for my daughter, Nikki. It took me a long while because I tend to take long breaks.

I have so much I love to do and when I do them I tend to go for it with all my focus and time and nothing else matters. I cannot be distracted. And then something shifts and I stop. Sometimes for months, even a year, at a time. It might be ceramics, painting, quilt making or jewelry. It can also be writing. But, at least, there is always something there for me.

When I picked this quilt up again, I worked solidly on it until it was finished. All told, in work hours, I really don't think it took me that long - in real time, about a year.

I designed it with my quirky flowers, and picked bright, vibrant colours, because that is what is in my heart for Nikki.

My mind is now conjuring up designs and colours for Becky, my other daughter, but I know I will have to wait for when that quilt wants to happen.


  1. I'm not a quilt fan per se, but I love good design and quality handwork and this is just gorgeous.

  2. This is gorgeous! I have never seen anything like it before. Have you thought about going into quilt pattern designing?

    Amy's Creative Blog does a Blogger's Quilt Festival. Bloggers can enter one quilt as a show-n-tell. I it is like a virtual quilt show. Amy has prizes as well as giveaways. I believe she will be having another one in October. You can still see the quilts that were entered from the last festival at

  3. thanks sandy,
    i love making them, and i do love designing them but wouldn't know the first thing about doing it properly for others to follow :)
    i'm off to look at amy's blog.