Saturday, November 12, 2011

New tricks

It takes me a while but eventually I get there.

After looking at work by artists I admire, I was baffled how they didn't get all the bumpy overspill of solder around their wonderful clean silver cut outs - until I remembered that you don't need solder if you are fusing two pieces of silver together. Definitely a 'duh' moment. Not quite as 'duh' as when it finally clicked that I could use my rolling mill to thin my metal to the gauge I needed instead of buying loads of different sheets, but pretty much up there!!

To say I'm a slow learner wouldn't be far off the mark, but I'm nothing if not persistent!


  1. Simply, yet elegant and beautiful. You make lovely jewelry.

  2. So Beautiful! You have an amazing skill! I love the bird collection you put together in your last post...I'm a bird freak like everyone else on the planet...I noticed you have Geninne's Art blog on your blog roll...she's one of my alltime favorite bird artists! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!