Monday, November 14, 2011


I've just joined Twitter.

I joined once before but didn't really use it and didn't really understand it - well, that's not strictly true, I understood the concept but not the ins and outs so to speak. So now I have 'rejoined' the twittering world in an effort to help my jewelry sales.

I have finally decided to commit to Cold Feet Studio.

For various reasons I have never fully committed to putting my work out there. I have had an Etsy shop for years now but never really worked it until recently. To be honest I don't really expect much from Etsy but I do know that I'll have to put a lot more into it to get anything out of it. And I only do one art festival a year.

But I love making things and I love it when someone likes what I've made. I feel happy and at home as soon as I walk into my studio and I have fought this for years with my lack of confidence. Well, that's getting old now and, frankly, who cares anyway.

So I have made my commitment. I have a website, I am blogging, I am committed to perfecting my craft and finding venues to sell it and now I am twittering - well, as soon as I can figure out what I'm doing that is.


  1. I hear you on the lack of confidence and the decision to say who cares and move forward. My next step after that was starting my Etsy shop :)
    Good luck with your shop - your jewelry is beautiful!