Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rain. Cleaning. Mystery.

Well, the kiln is on.

I was going to go into the studio this morning as I felt a jewelry making moment coming on, but it's a raining, dark day today and for some unfathomable reason I started to clean the kitchen instead. 
I know, right! What is up with that!
And the more I cleaned the kitchen, the more it needed cleaning, so I just made an executive decision and put the kiln on.
I can't work in the studio when the kiln is on as it gets very hot in there (obviously) and smelly. 
So, there you have it. Tomorrow all will be revealed. Will we have some nice pots - or wont we?

Here's a photo of an earlier plate.

If they come out anything like this one I will be fairly satisfied. This plate, however, had black glaze underneath the underglazes instead of white. I like both effects but I might just get the black out again and paint some more before the next kiln load.

tuesday notes:
love storms, although this one seems to have passed for now. almost finished with the kitchen, so, what to do now? i'm thinking, watercolours. haven't done that in a long time. however, inspector gamache is beckoning from, the brutal telling, by louise penny. things are getting going now to the point where i need to know what's going to happen next so perhaps i can indulge in an hour this lunchtime with him.

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