Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dr Seuss and Pasta Soup.

 Just a thought, or 30 ...

Dr. Seuss Quotes
Find more here.

thursday notes:
going to make 'the soup' again tonight. it was so delicious the next day as left overs i think i might just have to eat it a lot until the novelty wears off. had chicken enchiladas last night. that was excellent also. it's the second time we've had it and it was good both times - and good as left overs. at 262 calories, you've got to love cooking light! all the flavour and none of the guilt - well not much anyway ... we had it with salad, yum!
i'm not an idol freak but i do enjoy american idol. i don't think i want to watch it three days a week though! come on people. saying that, this guy was great. my favourite so far.
off to the studio now. am painting a plate which will hopefully come out like this,

(Find it on, the things i make, here

will i ever remember to make a note of the colours i used!

probably not.

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