Monday, February 27, 2012

Bracelets, Pots, and Soup.

New bracelets in my shop,

Find them here.

I've been in the studio painting some old pots I made ages ago,

When these are fired they will be variations of blue.
And - here are some mugs,

These wont be blue.
And here is a weird, flower, thingy. 
I call them triffids after John Wyndham's, The Day of the Triffids.

They look too sweet to be man eating plants, but hey, I have to get my psychotic side out somehow.

None of the pots are fired yet. That's always the disappointing bit for me as I just can't bet on the outcome. They look o.k. now but ... 
Probably if I did it more, and really worked at it, I would be more satisfied when I open the kiln. As it is, I can't promise myself anything, and after I open the kiln I'll more likely than not stop making pottery for a while until I forget how disappointed I was and it will all start again ...

On a lighter note, we had a good soup last night!

I changed it up a bit. I used yellow onions, because I forgot to get the red onions, and I used cannellini beans, because I like them best :)
I also halved the ingredients because I hadn't made the recipe before and didn't want left overs if we didn't like it. 
Next time I will make more and try freezing it, as they suggest, coz it was yum.

Pasta e Fagioli recipe

Find the recipe here.

monday notes: really really trying to finish the third book in the hunger games trilogy. it's just not holding my interest. maybe because i'm not a teenager anymore, lol. i feel a commitment to finishing it, however. wish i didn't have that. the only book i didn't finish was, the old man and the sea (i know!). maybe i just wasn't in the mood, but, i just couldn't read about the sea and the waves and the sea anymore ... it made me so depressed, i felt like drowning myself. i should give that book another go sometime, maybe when i'm not fretting about it all going horribly wrong in the kiln. i confess that i also stopped reading moby dick. i did like that one but for one reason or another i put it down and just forgot to pick it up again. probably too many kids living in my house at the time. 

i'm really in my murder mystery phase right now. it's having a long run this time. i want to get back to my louise penny marathon and i have a susan hill waiting for me. the last in her inspector serrailler series. i did buy, the woman in black, a while back. i didn't know they were going to make a movie of it, now i wonder if it will be too scairwy for me! my favourite book of hers is, i'm the king of the castle. i smacked the !@&^%# out of the little boy in that book when i was on the train going to work one day. i had to stop reading for a while because it was getting a little too real, and people were beginning to look...

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