Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What to do Today?

Been out of town since Friday.
I drove hundreds and hundreds of miles there, and hundreds and hundreds of miles back again.
Whilst there I was completely encompassed by another world with no, or rather, hardly any, chance of doing my own thing.
(Funny how I am always desperate to do my own thing more when I can't.)

And now I'm kind of annoyed that, now that I'm back home, I don't seem to be all that bothered about any of it.


Sooooo, what will my 'thing' be today?

I'm kind of thinking of tidying and organizing this,

(it's actually looking worse right now, a complete mess).

Or, I could work some more on this,

(but this kind of depresses me when it all goes wrong).

Or, I could pick up the house.

Nah! (What on earth was I thinking!)

Whatever it is, I need to do it now before it's lunch time, before I get really bored, before I give up completely.

I think it will be the organizing ...

tuesday notes.
tired from my trip home yesterday. was nice to see b at university but boy am i pleased i'm not a student anymore. love my dad, had a nice chat with him this morning. sad he's in england and i'm in houston, (and not just because he's eating sausages and mash for dinner). am thinking i'd like to really make a go at the jewelry and am tired of just piddling with it. would like to make $10,000 this year for save the children but as soon as i say that, i have no faith. what will it take for me to have faith? need to work on that one.

OMG sausages!!!
Source: google.com via Deborah on Pinterest


  1. Mmmm, those sausages do look good! And it looks like you have a great studio with lots of space.

    Etsy Blog Team

  2. Yes! On both counts.
    Nothing like English sausages (of course, I haven't had an awful lot of sausages from anywhere else).