Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crab kind of Day

So, the crab cakes were delicious only they weren't really cakes but more like hash. Excellent flavour and definitely a 'make again'.
I think that they weren't cakes because although I doubled up the recipe I didn't put another egg in (duh!). I actually liked them more this way, however.

I made a huge, put everything in the world in it, salad, (only I forgot to include the kohlrabi which I found the next morning looking alone and forlorn on the kitchen counter,) and the crab hash looked surprisingly good on top of it all.

(This is where I would insert a wonderful picture of the dish, but we ate it before I remembered, also, my mil is here and I think she might have found it a bit strange had I stopped everyone for a photo shoot prior to eating ... so here is the web pic.)

The recipe is here.

As I mentioned before I doubled it, but not the egg, nor the breadcrumbs now I come to think about it, and instead of more crab I sauteed some shrimp in grated garlic and then chopped them into small pieces and added that to the mix - yum.

To be fair they did start out as cakes, (or rather, balls, because someone in our house helping me out decided that's what he wanted them to look like,) but as they cooked and I tried turning them/rolling them over, etc., they just kept on breaking down until I'd had battled long enough with them and mushed them all into one big pancake (not in anger you understand).

The rest is history - the crab hash was born and we ate it allllll - even though there was probably enough of it for eight people instead of the four of us that remain in the house after the college exodus.

The remoulade was excellent too. Very spicy, which I like, although it did kind of overwhelm the crab flavour, but excellent non the less.

Now to other stuff ...

This is what I wanted but didn't order,

Now it's gone :(
So, this is what I'm thinking I now want,    

Both of which you can find here.

I thought that was important for you to know.

Sunday notes ...
quiet kind of reading day. made a treasury on etsy after adding these to my salt and pepper shaker collection. (i didn't know I had a salt and pepper collection until I realized that one has crept up on me when I wasn't looking.) now drinking a nice, cool, sauvignon blanc, and sitting with the fire on.

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